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El Camino Children and Family Services, Inc.
9900 Lakewood Blvd.
Suite 104
Downey, California 90240

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El Camino Children and Family Services, (ECCAFS)

ECCAFS is a private, nonprofit Christian corporation established in Los Angeles county by bilingual (English, Spanish) group of professional leaders; To serve Hispanic and non-Hispanic families that have been victims of neglect, abandonment, sexual abuse and from the recession.  

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Several Concerns Brought Them Together

How do you keep families together? How do you reunite families? How do you get information and/or training to them?

What local, state, and federal services are needed?

We provided the first known Mobile Live Scan Fingerprint services in the State of California.

Held the largest known consecutive foster parent training classes in Los Angeles County of almost 400 prospective foster parents per class.

We help develop a new Day Care Training Component for Applicants that was over 70 hours of training.

Our services are for families and children, but we continue to provide guidance and assistance to several not for profit corporations.

ECCAFS has been featured on Channel 34 Univision and the Catholic Archdiocese newspaper regarding our services to the community and has served as the host site, for the Service Planning Area (SPA7) Governance, Leadership, and Membership.

Our goal is to continue providing faith based support through internal and external resources for children and families. ECCAFS, works with the legislation in order to provide awareness of the needs of the community.

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Check out External link opens in new tab or windowour programs and that help families lead better lives.